Wednesday, 21 May 2014


The first evil

The primal evil
is real

It infiltrates the mind
It's constantly arising

It's seemingly

It has power

Why do you do
the things you do?

What led you to this point in time?

You don't even know
the parts that make
up what you think
is yourself

Desire springs from the void
You love your crutch
After all, what else is there
for you to live for?

Evil pervades.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Suffering is evenly spread
Like butter on toast
You can't scrape it off
It soaks in and it
Changes the texture

Whether you're on holiday
In Algeria, Barbados
Or Costa del Sol
Suffering pervades
Like the rays of the sun

Whether a doctor,
Labourer or artist,
The deathbed is waiting

The worms are salivating

And they're evenly spread


Too many things are lost in life

Who can one blame?

Loss is the price for
life in the kenoma

The pool is cold and empty
Particles are rearranged

Nothing is ever new

And nothing is lost
except the forms
that you cling to

No deal

The world has nothing
To offer, except more of itself
The same old shit 
Dressed up different
In order to fool people
That it's worth tying
Themselves into knots over

The world is never worth that

Dreams have nothing to offer

Ambition has nothing to offer

Love has nothing to offer

Except more of itself
The same old shit
Dressed up different

Friday, 25 April 2014


every single thing
you do is worthless

every word you speak
is insubstantial

all the days
of your past
are compressed
into a bomb
of dust

the dust that
renders silence

who can reprove you now?


That oval, sitting there,
not quite
in touch with the ground

Knowing, not knowing

there's a crack in the shell

The past just slides
off me like water


The thing you can't describe
An emptiness you can't name

Your own painful

It sloughs off
into ever lighter

Leave your daily hell behind